Kidwell Family


Reunion Pictures from Thanksgiving 2009
Culla Sue Jones Thanksgiving Pictures from the past
Kristen & Kaylee's Pictures

Please send any photos that you would like to share with the family.

(Include names, date and a breif description (as much information as you have) and email to the link below)
If you do not have a scanner, you can send me the pictures and I'll scan them and mail them back to you.

Here are a few photos that I found to get us started.
Send some of your favorites and I'll include them for everyone to enjoy.

Margaret (Granny) Kidwell

Gen Kidwell, Louise Barrow, Betty Fowler & Margaret Kidwell

Ira & Margaret Kidwell, Cathy Fowler, Sue Barrow
Jackie & Rick Kidwell

Jack Kidwell & Katherine McCoy

Ira & Margaret Kidwell with Jackie & Rick Kidwell

Willard, Betty & Cathy Fowler

Ira & Margaret Kidwell






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